A Guide to Understanding Poker Bonuses

Online game rooms continually come up with promotions to attract new clients and retain old ones. For poker rooms, an enticing attraction is the bonus which can be in cash or in kind. A cash bonus is especially attractive as it is technically free money. This article will help guide you in understanding and optimizing these poker bonuses. Imagine signing up at an online casino and getting a prize of real money to play with, just for entering a coupon code. Sounds perfect, right? We offer you excellent gambling experience with selected casino bonuses and promotions for all gamblers. If you are a regular player, on the promotions page of the casino you will find the best monthly offers of free spins for every new casino game that has just released.

Since this is a promotional effort, bonus availability is usually as convenient as looking for an online site and the corresponding bonus codes. Some sites opt for a clickable download link instead of a code, but the basic working premise of the bonus remains the same.

There are at least three different kinds of poker bonuses, and each one offers its own advantages and drawbacks.

A no-deposit bonus is the most attractive for most as it offers playing opportunities without any investment on the part of the player. This bonus is offered by an online casino to a player by just signing up, even without any deposit. A proficient player thus has the chance to build up a large account without any starting cash commitment. A disadvantage of this bonus, however, is a low bonus amount, sometimes as low as $5. Also, this is very difficult to find as it is not often offered by game rooms.

A first deposit bonus is a poker bonus equal to a certain percentage of the first deposit a player makes. Thus, the player will immediately profit just by being deposited in your online account. For example, a 75% first deposit bonus means that a $200 deposit gives you a total account of $350. A drawback is that the site will usually cap the amount matched, but the upside to this is that the limits may still be high. Also, this kind of deposit normally requires clearing, i.e. a player must play a specified number of deals before being allowed to avail of the bonus.

The third kind of bonus is the rake back. A game room earns money from the rake, which is a percentage of the pot held back by the house every time the pot is won, akin to a commission. A rake back bonus, therefore, is a percentage of this commission, say 40%, returned to you. A plus factor is that this bonus normally does not expire.

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